11.00 - 12.45 am (free lunch is provided after class.)
Started on January 3, 2020Every Sunday

Morning Class, Curriculum Approach

Teaching media: English

Kindergarten Buddhism (K1 – K2)

  • Interaction with manners
  • Moral Story
  • Buddhist Symbols, Flag and offering
  • Triple gems
  • Homage to the Buddha and the Three Refuges
  • Music and craft activity

Lower Primary Buddhism (P1 – P3)

  • Disciplines
  • Moral Story & Ethnical conduct (five precepts)
  • Life story of Buddha – part 1
  • Buddhist Studies – Pictorial Dhamma book (Rahula leads the way)
  • Buddha’s Post activities after enlightenment (1st week to 7th week)
  • Karma & Rebirth
  • Music and craft activity

Upper Primary Buddhism (P4 – P6)

  • Disciplines
  • Life story of Buddha – part 2
  • Five precepts in daily life
  • Theravada Buddhism
  • 31 Planes of existence (Samsara)
  • Four Nobel Truths
  • Noble eightfold path
  • Meditation practice
  • The 38 Supreme Blessing from the Buddha

Secondary & JC Buddhism (S1 – JC)

  • Five precepts in daily life – Application in Newspaper cutting
  • 31 Planes of existence (Samsara)
  • Four Noble Truths & Nobel eightfold path Discussion
  • The 38 Supreme Blessing from the Buddha – Practice
  • Dhamma discussion with new communications technologies tools (iPad/iPhone/Video/computers)
  • YMBA exam lessons and preparation
  • Pali learning

Dhamma Chanting and the right way to paying respect in Theravada Buddhism are compulsory for all levels.

Classes and Teachers 2020

Class Teachers
K1 – K2 Liu Pei Hua & assistant*
P1 Karen Tay & Fu Yan Feng
P2 Tay Jun Yu & assistant*
P3 Dhira & assistant*
P4 Tay Yu E & Sarah Wee
P5 Soh Hock Kee & Melinda
P6 – Sec 1 and above Dona Yee & assistant*
Relief teachers Peh KS, Patricia, Kwan Hao Wei
Activities/Events Kwan Jing Tat, Kimberly Yee, Russell Teo
Monthly meditation Tay Sin Hwa

* Assistant teachers recruited from Sec 2 & above Dhamma class.

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