8 glorious victories…


The Buddha overcoming a cruel man, Angulimala who cut off the right index finger of passing travellers.


The Buddha subduing the fierce drunkened elephant. Nalagiri, released by the wicked Devadatta.


The Buddha tamed a celestial Ogre, Alavaka who then took refuge in the Triple Gem pf Buddhism.


Mara and his army failed to prevent the Bodhisatta to prevent from attaining Enlightenment and finally also failed to capture the Golden Throne as Well.


The Buddha expounding a doctrine to Baka Brahma in the higher heaven to give him and his friends the Light of Wisdom.


The Buddha subdued the celestial dragon Nandopananda though His disciple Maha Moggalana who also transformed himself into another dragon.


The Buddha questioned a haughty hermit Saccaka who was duly threatened by a celestial demon to answer accordingly after being defeated.


A beautiful lady Cinca Manavika falsely accused the Buddha in the presence of monks and laity at an august assembly.