In tradition, Burmese pagodas are stupas that serve as a place of worship. These stupas are called Zedi, which in term is derived from the Pali word cetiya meaning a solid, bell-shaped stupa. Construction of Burmese stupas is marked by the use of bricks and a coat of whitewashed plaster. In some of the popular pagodas, you will see a gold paint coating. A distinct feature of Burmese pagodas is that they are crowned with a spired ornament named hti, which literally means umbrella, an auspicious Buddhist symbol. The pagoda at level 4 is mirror to famous Pagoda in Myanmar called Shwedagon Pagoda.

These Zedis are of different types depending on what is housed inside the stupa. For Burmese Buddhist Temple Singapore, there is a Sima Hall inside the stupa.