We can see Myanmar traditional art craft at Burmese Buddhist Temple level 3. It reflects the summary of temple establishment and history of Sitting Buddha statue (from level 1). There are another 8 more paintings can be seen at level 3 ceiling which shows the eight glorious victories of the Buddha.

  1. Defeating Mara who challenged the Bodhisatta to prevent attaining enlightenment
  2. Taming the celestial Ogre, Alavaka
  3. Subduing the fierce elephant, Nalagiri, released by Devadatta
  4. Overcoming the cruel man, Angulimala
  5. Exposing the tricks of the beautiful Cinca Manavika
  6. Making the hermit Saccakaanswer the Buddha’s question in a debate
  7. Subduing the celestial gigantic dragon, Nandopanandaby Venerable Moggalana
  8. Expounding a doctrine to Brahma Bakain the higher heaven who believed in immortality.

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