Welcome Message

Burmese Buddhist temple has been propagating Theravada Buddhism since 1875 in Singapore. Since 1990, current temple has been a place of worship and learning of Dhamma (Buddha’s teachings)for both local and Burmese community in Singapore.

The temple is always abuzz with activities for merit making, not only during Buddhist festivities but also Chinese and Burmese lunar calendar events. Temple has 5 resident Sangha (monks) and other visiting Sangha to support key-activities and teaching of Dhamma.

The Temple also features century old limestone sitting Buddha image, which emanates sense of loving kindness and compassion for devotee. The other unique aspect is the Burmese architecture and style of Buddhist temple can be observed.

It is a great blessing to pay homage to the Enlightened One, Lord Buddha. We warmly invite you to see, feel and experience the loving kindness and compassion in daily practice of Buddhism!

Burmese Buddhist Temple

Our Mission Statement

  • ဗုဒ္ဓဘာသာ သာသနာတော်ထွန်းကားပြန့်ပွားရေး
  • ပရိယတ္တိသာသနာတော် ထွန်းကားပြန့်ပွားစေရေး