As the temple foundation was laid in 1989 and the construction was in progress, Venerable Sayardaw U Pannavamsa ordered an 18-foot bronze Buddha statue from Thailand.  The statue was worth THB 5,000,000, and it was placed on third floor of the Burmese Buddhist Temple building.

Hand Gesture showing the sign of fearlessness (Abhaya Mudra)

Gesture: The right hand bent and raised outward with an open palm and the extended fingers pointing upwards. The left hand hanged down at the side.

Meaning: The image of the Standing Buddha at the third floor in the Burmese Buddhist temple building shows the right-hand symbolising absence of fear, protection from danger, and peace to those who visit the Buddha. The left hand is a symbol of generosity and compassion.

Background: Once while the Buddha was in daily round on the street accompanied by his disciples, an intoxicated elephant Nalagiri came to charge towards him. It was discharged by a mahout under the direction of Devadatta, enemy of the Buddha. Calmly, the Buddha posed himself in the Abhaya Mudra position and sent loving kindness towards the approaching animal. Nearing the Buddha the elephant was no more in rage. It knelt down calmly to pay respect to the Buddha. A dangerous situation and tragic event had been averted.